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Church Santa Maria della Visitazione

Local name: Chiesa Santa Maria della Visitazione

The Church of Our Lady of Mercy is a Roman Catholic temple. Due to the excellent acoustics, the church is often used as a concert hall. Due to the fact that in the original church the bandmaster was the famous Antonio Vivaldi, while in the current church the chamber orchestra of Virtuosi Italiani presenting his music is located, the temple is sometimes called Vivaldi's church.

The facade presents a classic style. The interior of the temple is considered one of the most elegant and harmonious among the Venetian sacred spaces from the 18th century. You can admire the paintings of Marinetti, Maggiott and the fresco of the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Tiepol.

In the fourteenth century, an orphanage was established in the place where the church is today. It was the most famous institution of this type in Venice, enjoyed the support of the Doge and the Pope himself. A tablet has been preserved to this day, which was placed on the walls of the original church. She warned against the eternal condemnation of parents who abandon their children. Vivaldi in the years 1703 - 1709 was the bandmaster of the orchestra and director of the girls' choir and created most of his concerts and oratorios.


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