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Correr Museum

Local name: Museo Correr

The Correr Museum is dedicated to the history of the city and Venetian culture from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. We will find here, among others old maps, among them the extremely valuable and well-known map of Venetie MD made in 1500. In addition, wonderful sculptures (e.g. Dedal and Ikar A. Canova), portraits, furniture and decorations in the neoclassical style and paintings of Venetian masters such as Bellini , Vivarini, Carpaccio and Lorenzo Veneziano.

The museum owes its name to the aristocracy (Teodoro Correr), who gave the city a rich collection of documents and works of art closely related to the history of Venice. It is located in the building of the New Prosecutor's Office. First there were prosecutor's offices, in Napoleon's time the seat of the governor, and after the unification of Italy, kings resided in the building. Currently, apart from the museum, we will find presidential suites and the oldest cafe in Venice - Caffe Florian.


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    Piazza San Marco 5230124 Venice , Italy