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Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Local name: Collezione Peggy Guggenheim

The Peggy Guggenheim collection is a Venetian museum of modern art. Most of the collections are the private collection of its founder. You can admire the greatest works of cubism, futurism, metaphysical painting, abstraction, avant-garde, surrealism and American abstract expressionism.

The collection includes works by, among others Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Paul Klee, Salvador Dalí and Jackson Pollock. In the gardens, however, there is an exhibition of sculptures with works by, among others Hans Arp, Max Ernst, and Henry Moore.

The museum building, Palazzo dei Leoni Venier, was built in 1798. In the mid-twentieth century, Peggy Guggenheim bought it, and made some rooms and the park available to visitors. After her death, the palace was restored and transformed into a museum. Peggy herself was an extremely interesting character. Thanks to the property inherited from her father, she was able to travel around the world, collecting works of art and making friendships with the outstanding creators of her time.


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