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Church of Santa Maria del Giglio

Local name: Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio

The facade of the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lilia is one of the most magnificent and original works of Venetian Baroque. In this Roman Catholic church there are canvases of such great masters as Peter Paul Rubens, the younger Palma, Giovanni Maria Morlaiter, Alessandro Vittoria, or even Giovanni Battista Piazzetta.

On the right is the only painting in Venice of Rubens Madonna with Child and little Saint. John. There are organs above the main altar of this one-nave church. They were built in 1913 by Masconi, they have 2 manuals, i.e. 2 manual keyboards. The main altar is surrounded by statues of the Annunciation by Heinrich Meyring. On the walls of the presbytery you can admire the paintings of Antonin Zanchi, the Eternal Father among angels and cherubs, and the Birth of Christ and musician angels, as well as Jacop Tintoretto depicting all four evangelists. Along the inner walls of the temple in 1755 - 1756 a remarkable Way of the Cross was painted. Its authors are, for example, G. Crosato, G. Diziani, J. Marieschi, and F. Zugno.

Next to the church there was a belfry, which was demolished due to its poor condition. Its reconstruction began in 1805. Construction works were stopped at an altitude of 8 m. This unfinished campus houses a souvenir shop.


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