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Giorgio Franchetti Gallery at Ca' d’Oro

Local name: Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca' d'Oro

The Ca 'd'Oro estate was built in the 14th century. However, subsequent owners carried out numerous conversions. Despite the fact that there is no trace of the golden elements, and the staircases and balconies have a completely different shape, the property still impresses.

Currently, the palace is the seat of the Giorgio Franchetti Gallery museum. The most valuable museum collections undoubtedly include Venus in front of the mirror Titian, Pieta with two angels Marco Palmezzano, Saint. Sebastian Andrea Mantegny, Stories of Mary Vittore Carpacio, or even Sleeping Venus Paris Bordone.

The last owner, Baron Giorgio Franchetti, handed it over to the Italian state for the future of the palace. Not only the property, but all its furnishings - furniture, tapestries, art collection and medals have become the property of the state. In addition to the halls where you can admire the rich collection of works of art in the museum, there are conservation laboratories.


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