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Church of the Madonna dell'Orto

Local name: Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto

Originally, the church was dedicated to St. Krzysztof Martyr. However, after finding the statue of the Madonna in the vegetable garden in 1377, the name was changed to the Madonna Church from the Vegetable Garden. Soon after this event, the garden began to be credited with wonderful properties.

Due to the fact that the famous painter Tintoretto was buried in this church, the temple is also sometimes called the Tintoretta Church. His paintings The Last Judgment and Adoration of the Golden Calf are on the walls of the presbytery. Whereas in the main altar you can admire the Annunciation of the brush of the Palm of the Younger.

The temple built of Italian brick in the characteristic for the fourteenth to fifteenth in the Gothic style is a spacious building. Its facade is the most representative example of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic, and then from Gothic to Baroque throughout Venice. In addition to the rosette, the facade was decorated with numerous sculptures, among others St. Krzysztof chisel Matte Raverti, Archangel Gabriel and Annunciation Antonio Rizza, or statues of the twelve apostles Pierpaolo dalle Masegne. The square in front of the church is one of the few preserved examples of old Venetian paving art.

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