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Called the City of Lovers, Verona is one of the most visited Italian cities. Tourists bring here mainly the fame of the unhappy love of Romeo and Juliet described by Shakespeare. But even without it, the city is full of interesting monuments, both from Roman and modern times.

When at the end of the sixteenth century Shakespeare wrote "Romeo and Juliet" and cast her action in Verona, he could not guess how much it would contribute to the popularization of the city in the following centuries. Every year, millions of tourists come here to look at "Julia's balcony", stick a sticky note to the wall in the passage to her house or see her grave. The latter was built in 1937 in the basement of the church of San Francesco al Corso in response to questions from tourists who came here looking for the burial place of the heroine of the most famous tragedy in history. Verona is also recommended as a perfect place for a proposal.

Although Verona is known mainly as a city of lovers, its most important monument is the huge arena from around 100 AD, one of the largest buildings of this type in the world and still used as a place for concerts and outdoor performances. In Verona there is also a second Roman theater, much smaller and located on the slopes of the hill. which offers a beautiful view of the city. Another good vantage point is the 84-meter Lamberti tower built in the 12th century by a family with this name. Around it stretches the Old Town full of narrow streets, Gothic and Renaissance tenements and churches.

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