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Umbria is located in central Italy and is often called the green heart of Italy. It is a land of hills, green forests, meadows and lakes. And also the "holy land", where you can visit the city of St. Francis, Assisi.

The forested Umbrian mountains are a great place for hiking. Many people choose to spend an active weekend. The destination is often the world's oldest artificial waterfall Cascate delle Marmore near Terni. Many people also choose to relax on Lake Trazymeńskie, where in addition to beaches you can find water sports centers.

The most famous city in the region is Assisi, in which St. Francis. He founded his community here, and his church, Porcjuńla, today surrounded by a larger structure, is the destination of pilgrimages of thousands of faithful. The second religious center is Orvieto, a historic city on the top of a hill in which the Euchristic miracle occurred in the 13th century.

Umbria is known for its beautiful medieval towns, among which Perugia stands out with its well-preserved old town. Its attraction is also the underground excavated since the Etruscan times. Other popular cities of the region are Narni, Spoleto, Todi and Terni, where St. Bishop was Valentine, patron of lovers.

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