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Terni is known primarily as the city of St. Valentine. The patron saint of lovers is buried in the local church, and every year on February 14, a great fiesta is held in his honor. Although the city itself does not have many thrilling monuments, its surroundings are famous for natural and landscape attractions, such as the highest artificial waterfall in the world.

The origins of Terni date back to Roman times, and the most important memento from this period is the Marmore Waterfall. It was built by engineers at the time and remains the tallest artificial waterfall in the world to this day. The total height of the three cascades is 165 m, and the highest is over 80 m. The waterfall is also the main attraction of Terni.

The present appearance of Termi is the result of two important events for the city, the construction of industrial plants in the nineteenth century and the location of large bombing raids from the Second World War. This is why Terni does not have a compact medieval old town, and important monuments are dotted around it like raisins in a cake.

The most important monuments of the city include the Church of St. Francis with the paradise chapel decorated with medieval frescoes, the Romanesque Church of Sant Alo, the Church of San Salvatore erected on the ruins of the Roman temple of the sun and the 17th century Baroque cathedral. In the center there is a well-kept market, surrounded by tenement houses with baroque and classicist facades rebuilt after World War II. The most visited church in the city, St. Walentino is located on the outskirts of the city. It is the center of the saint's cult and pilgrimage destination for lovers.

Terni is surrounded by beautiful mountainous terrain which is perfect for active tourism. A popular excursion area is the Nera River Park, where you can admire the Mediterranean vegetation and watch many species of birds.

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