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Marcigliana Nature Reserve

Local name: Riserva Naturale della Marcigliana

Marcigliana Nature Reserve is one of the numerous reserves within Rome. Its area is over 4,696 hectares. The reserve is located on gentle hills. There are vineyards, sunflowers and other similar plants are grown here. On the other side of the hills there are forest remains full of animals. You can meet here, among others foxes, martens, hedgehogs, badgers and hares.

There are also buildings in the reserve. Here you can come across old farmhouses, medieval towers and remains of ancient buildings. On one of the hills there are also the ruins of the ancient city of Custumerium, which once served as a checkpoint on the Eturia - Campania route. The reserve is a place for walks willingly visited by the Romans.


Attractions inside

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