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Villa Ada Savoia

Local name: Villa Ada Savoia

Villa Ada Savoia is one of the largest public parks of Rome, covering an area of over 160 hectares. In the summer, music concerts, performances and theatrical performances take place here. You can also find here several historic buildings. The most famous of them is the temple of the goddess Flora. In addition, Villa Reale - the seat of the Egyptian consulate, Villa Polissena, Casino Pallavicini or La Finanziera, where the headquarters of the WWF organization is located.

A curiosity that is worth mentioning is also the bunker from World War II made available to visitors. It was built in 1940-1942 to shelter the Savoia family during the bombings. The shelter is located on the Colle delle Cavalle Madri hill, about 350 meters from the former residence of the Savoia family at Villa Ada. On an area of about 200 square meters there are a living room, two bathrooms, bedrooms and a clever air cleaning system.


Attractions inside

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