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Museum of the Casiono Noble

Local name: Museo del Casiono Nobile

Located inside: Villa Torlonia Park

At the Villa Torlonia Museum you can admire a small collection of sculptures from the Torlonia family found in the villa itself and in the gardens. Mostly they are works of Bartolomeo Cavaceppi, sculptor from the 18th century. There is also furniture from the Villa Hotel, three plaster reliefs made by Antonio Canova, as well as a marble pediment from the grave of Via Appia. In one part of the museum there are also furniture and everyday objects that were used by Benito Mussolini during the time he lived in Villa.

Villa Torlonia was designed by the architect Giuseppe Valadier in a neoclassical style. Construction began in 1806 on the initiative of the banker Giovanni Torlonia. In the years 1925-1943, Villa Mussolini lived with his family. He equipped it with a cinema, as well as a bunker and anti-aircraft shelter. After the war, the property was occupied by the Allied forces and gradually fell into ruin. In the seventies it was bought by the city, rebuilt and transformed into a public park and museum.


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