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Casina delle Civette Museum

Local name: Museo Casina delle Civette

Located inside: Villa Torlonia Park

The palace of La Casina delle Civette is located in Milan. It is now the Villa Torlonia museum. Visitors can see the reconstructed appearance of the rooms with preserved wall paintings, mosaics, stucco and wood paneling. Particularly noteworthy are the original windows, which are in themselves sections of art.

The building was built in the 19th century in a rustic style. It was designed by Giuseppe Jappelli on behalf of Prince Alessandro Torloni. The palace was located on the edge of the park behind an artificial hill. In the 20th century, it underwent reconstruction under the direction of Enrico Gennari, which gave the building majesty and introduced the decorative style of Liberty.

A characteristic feature of the palace is the owl motif found on many elements. Until 1938 it was the seat of Prince Giovanni Torloni. The building was damaged during World War II. In 1978, the residence was acquired by the city and subjected to conservation work.


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