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The capital of Italy lying on the Tiber is a place where tourists and pilgrims from all over the world meet. The long and unusually rich history is reflected in thousands of magnificent monuments and museums, ranging from the ancient Colosseum and Roman Forum to the nineteenth-century palaces.

Rome is a city that you can visit many times, rediscovering its subsequent faces. The ancient one leads to buildings-icons of world architecture, on which successive great architects modeled for centuries. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people view the remains of ancient temples and public buildings as the basis of Western civilization.

The city is also a pilgrimage center because of the Holy See located within its borders. Although the Basilica of Saint. Peter and the Vatican Museums are officially located in the Vatican, it is visited by everyone who comes to Rome. Within the city there are also three other larger basilicas: St. John in Lateran, Saint. Paweł behind the Walls and Santa Maria Maggiore.

A walk around Rome is actually a constant communion with great architecture and history. Influences of different eras intertwine here, mix architectural styles, and the multitude of palaces, historic churches and monuments can make you dizzy. Those who get tired of the constant buzz and crowds of tourists besieging the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon or Piazza Navona, can go for a much calmer, yet attractive Cathedrale or Catacombs.

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