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Santa Maria della Scala Church

Local name: Chesa di Santa Maria della Scala

The Monastery of the Mother of God on the Stairs is located next to the church built in the 16th century according to the design of Francesco Cipriani da Volterra. It was the first monastery of the Discalced Carmelites in Rome. Its symbol is the famous seventeenth-century papal pharmacy. Its original equipment and decor are a real treat for Baroque lovers. On the other hand, medicines according to ancient Carmelite recipes manufactured to this day delight even the most ardent supporters of modern medicine.

Tradition has it that above the external stairs of one of the houses of Roman Zatybrz there was an image of the Mother of God. A poor woman prayed for him to heal her daughter, who was a mute from birth. The child began to speak, and news of the miracle accomplished quickly began to spread. In a short time it was decided to build a temple here.

The church was entrusted to the congregation in 1597 by the bull of Pope Clement VIII. This is where the Theresian caramel spread throughout Italy.


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