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Ponte Sisto

Local name: Ponte Sisto

The Sixtus Bridge (Ponte Sisto) is one of the main communication routes connecting the right-bank and left-bank center of the Eternal City, the first bridge that permanently connected both banks of the Tiber here. On one side of it is Campo de'Fiori Square, on the other is Trilussy Square, dedicated to one of the greatest Roman poets. The Sixtus Bridge was built in the 15th century at the behest of Pope Sixtus IV.

Pope Sixtus IV himself was a colorful and interesting figure. During his pontificate nepotism flourished, and conflicts broke out every now and then (one of the most serious was the one with the Medici). This pope also sanctioned the Spanish inquisition. However, he was also a valued patron of the arts and took great care of the city. On his initiative, eminent painters, sculptors, architects and musicians came to Rome. He also ordered the construction of Via Sisto and Ponte Sisto, supported the development of the Vatican Library and gave rise to the Capitoline Museum.


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