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Spada Gallery

Local name: Galleria Spada

Spada Gallery is a museum presenting paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries. The gallery is located in the Spada Palace, in the wing belonging to Cardinal Girolamo Capodiferro. The cardinal built a museum on the historical remains of his former family home, which was erected in 1548.

The museum's collection has been divided into four exhibition halls. The first of these is called the Peace of the Popes because of its fifty inscriptions describing the lives of selected popes, commissioned by Cardinal Bernardino. The second and third rooms contain the Bernardino Spada art collection. In the last room there are paintings by Caravaggisti.

The museum has works of such artists as: Andrea del Sarto, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Michelangelo Cerquozzi, Giovan Battista Gaulli, Artemisia Gentileschi, Orazio Gentileschi, Guercino, Giovanni Lanfranco, Giovanni Andrea Donducci, Parmigianino, Mattia Preti, Guido Ra, Pietro , Titian, Francesco Trevisani, Pieter van Laer.


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