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Church of the Holy Savior in Onda

Local name: Chiesa di San Salvatore in Onda

The church of San Salvatore in Onda (Chiesa SS Salvatore in Onda) in Rome dates from the 11th century. It is famous for the sarcophagus located under the main altar, in which the body of St. Wincenty Pallotti.

In the side altar you can admire the painting "Virgo Potens", which was offered by blessed Elisabetta Sanna. The donor was buried in the church in 1857.

Directly under the presbytery there is a medieval crypt erected on a rectangular plan, it is a fragment of the former church preserved to this day, its interior is characterized by Roman columns and cross vaults.

The name of the church is associated with the nearby River Tiber, on the shore of which it was erected. It literally means the church of the Holy Savior on the Wave. In the past, the waters of the river often poured into the temple.


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