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Lazio is a region in central Italy, often called the cradle of the state. Its capital is Rome, and the entire region was, in ancient times, the center of a powerful Empire.

The capital of the region and all of Italy, Rome is a city with countless monuments from different eras. It also has a church state, the Vatican, and the most important monuments include the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and numerous Baroque churches.

Around Rome stretch hilly areas, which further east turn into a chain of the Apennines. They are famous for growing grapevines and olives. Among the hills is the town of Tivoli, with the ruins of Hadrian's villas inscribed on the UNESCO list, as well as Renaissance and Baroque villas surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The main resort of the Lazio coast is Ostia, where Roman dignitaries rested in antiquity. The ruins of villas, baths and craft factories from the time of the Empire have survived. Inland, in turn, a popular resting place is Viterbo known for its thermal springs.

In Lazio there is also one of the symbols of the liberation of Italy from fascist power during World War II, Monte Cassino. The monastery standing on the hill was conquered by Polish, American and English forces. Today you can visit the huge war cemetery.

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