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Rose Garden in Rome

Local name: Roseto di Roma Capitale

Rome Rose Garden is a public park founded in 1931 on the Aventine Hill in Rome. The garden was designed by Countess Mary Gayley Senni, there were 300 shrubs in it.

Currently, more than 1,100 rose varieties from around the world are grown in the Roman Rose Garden on an area of 10,000 m². The park has been divided into sectors, each of which has a different variety of roses. The garden also has an experimental sector where new varieties of roses are tested for growing in public and private gardens in Italy.

The object is to present various shrubs belonging to the Rosaceae family, from common species to newly modified varieties, such as hybrid and miniature roses. Another goal is to demonstrate innovative garden options: buds blooming in unprecedented colors, formed shrubs in figures, roses climbing unusually on pergolas and pillars, roses with decorative fruit, rose hedges.


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