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Circus Maximus

Local name: Circo Massimo

Circus Maximus was the oldest and largest of all Roman circuses. From the gigantic structure to today there is virtually nothing left but the embankments and visible small fragments of the audience from the east. Today the circus area serves Italians and tourists as a place for walks, meetings, concerts, demonstrations and games.

According to tradition, Romulus organized here the first Roman Games, during which the famous Sabine kidnapping took place. That is why King Tarkwiniusz Stary chose this area for the construction of the first circus for chariot races.

From the 6th to the 4th century BC Circus Maximus was rebuilt several times. Eventually it was able to accommodate about 250,000 spectators. Its length was 544 meters and the width was 129 meters. In the middle of the arena was the so-called. spina, a long and low wall separating the tracks, which circled around seven times in the race.


Attractions inside

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