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Orange Garden and Panoramic Terrace

Local name: Giardino degli Aranci e Terrazza panoramica

Surrounded by a medieval wall, the Orange Garden, also called the Savell Park, is located on the Aventine. Park owes its name to the numerous citrus trees growing in the cypress habitat. There is one of the most recognizable viewpoints. From the garden terrace you can admire the Tigris and the panoramic view of Rome, as well as the surrounding Basilica of Sts. Peter. The best effect is achieved by looking at Rome through the keyhole in the gate of the Maltese Order.

The park was founded on the initiative of the Savelli family in the 14th century. It is adjacent to the Dominican church of Sts. Sabina. According to legend, the first orange tree in the garden was planted by St. Dominica in the 5th century. And the first fruits of this tree were made by St. Catherine. During the summer time, there are theater performances.


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    Piazza Pietro D'Illiria 00153 Rome , Italy