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The Palatine hill

Local name: Palatino

Palatine is one of the seven hills of Rome, the place where the oldest settlement called Roma quadrata was located. Here in the Lupercal cave, the she-wolf was supposed to feed Romulus and Remus. In 2007, at a depth of 16 meters, a cave decorated with marble and shells was discovered on the Palatine, recognized as this legendary cave.

The hill was also the seat of wealthy Romans. There were villas of aristocrats, consuls, tribunes of the people and speakers such as Cicero, Crassus, Gaius Octavius, Publius Klodiusz Pulcher and Catullus. There were also temples (including the Temple of Victoria, the Temple of Jupiter) and palaces (Domitian's palace, Septimus Severus's palace, Domus Augustian's palace).

All these magnificent buildings were referred to as the Palatine Common, and it is said that the Italian word palazzo, the French palais and the Polish palace were derived. The name of the hill itself was probably derived from the name of the goddess Pales.

The Palatine hill map
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