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Arch of Constantine

Local name: Arco di Costantino

The Arch of Constantine from 315 is the last triumphal arch of ancient Rome. The sculptures on the arch attic show tribes conquered by Trajan, between them were reliefs from the time of Marcus Aurelius. We can also see scenes depicting hunting, medallions from the time of Hadrian, battle reliefs, medallions depicting Diana, the Sun and the Moon. The rest of the decorations come from the time of Constantine. They show scenes from the war with Maxentius.

The richly decorated three-span structure is 21 m high and 25.7 m wide, and its walls are 7.4 m thick. The arch construction took 4 years. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of the power of Emperor Constantine the Great, and in particular his victory over Maxentius in the battle for the Mulwijski Bridge, which took place in 312. The Arch of Constantine has been very well preserved to modern times, inspiring other European monuments. His model was the Arc du Carrousel in Paris.


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