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The Golden House of Nero

Local name: Domus Aurea

The famous Domus Aurea, or Golden House, is the palace of Emperor Nero in Rome. It was designed by architects Sewerus and Celer. The whole complex was modeled on the building of a city villa and occupied an area of about 100 ha. Only ancient descriptions and ruins of buildings found as a result of excavations survived to modern times. The decorations of the Golden House were enriched by gilding and inlays made of glass paste as well as stucco. The walls and floors were decorated with numerous mosaics, one of them was even placed on the ceiling.

The Golden House has never been fully finished. The construction lasted shortly, works were carried out in 64-68 AD After the death of Nero, Vespasian and Titus lived in the completed part of the palace. After the fire in 104, Trajan's thermal baths were built here, and part of Domus Aurea was rebuilt and converted into a temple of Venera and Roma. The first excavations were carried out here already during the Renaissance.


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