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Basilica of St. Peter in Vincoli

Local name: Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli

Roman Basilica of St. Piotr in Oków is famous for many wonderful works of art. Tourists are especially attracted by the tomb of Pope Julius II, designed and constructed by Michelangelo. Its central point is the sculpture depicting Moses from 1515. The ceiling of the nave is covered by frescoes by Giovanni Battista Parodi from 1706, showing the so-called "Miracle of Chains". The church also has two paintings of Guercin depicting Saint. Augustine and Saint. Margaret.

Saint Basilica Piotr in Oków was funded by Licyna Eudoksja, wife of the emperor Valerian III. In this early Christian temple, chains are kept, which were bound by Saint. Piotr in the dungeons of the Mamertyński prison. Legend has it that when Pope Leo the Great brought the two halves of the chain previously broken apart, the two ends miraculously closed. This relic can be admired to this day - it is enclosed in a reliquary under the main altar.


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