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Church of Santa Maria ai Monti

Local name: Chiesa di Santa Maria ai Monti

The Church of Santa Maria dei Monti in Rome is a one-nave temple, which is famous for the fresco "Madonna and Child". Its ceiling is decorated with paintings depicting the scene of the Ascension of the Lord, as well as images of angels and saints, by Cristoforo Casolani.

Benedict Józef Labre was buried in the temple. The statue decorating his tomb is the work of Achille Albacini from the 18th century. The main altar was made in accordance with the design of Giacomo della Porta - Italian sculptor and baroque architect.

Della Porta was also responsible for the facade design of the building, during its creation modeled on the block of another Roman church. Of the Holy Name of Jesus in Rome. Noteworthy are the statues of the four prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel, by Giovanni Anguill - they were placed in the church's dome.


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