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Piazza Venezia - Altar of the Fatherland

Local name: Piazza Venezia - Altare della Patria

Piazza Venezia is one of the main landmarks of the city, which is home to many monuments and is located at the intersection of numerous communication arteries. Famous for its five buildings. The most important is the Altar of the Homeland, or museum-monument, built to honor the Union of Italy. There is a tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a museum. Straight up is the beautiful Bonaparte Palace, owned by Napoleon family.

The square is named after the Renaissance Palazzo Venezia, formerly the papal residence and the Embassy of the Republic of Venice in the Church. Today, there is a museum with a collection of works collected by Pope Paul II. On the opposite side of the square rises the Palace of Insurance Company modeled on the Palazzo Venezia. The small church of St. Brand of the 4th century with baroque-Renaissance interior.

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