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MAXXI - Museum of Modern Art

Local name: MAXXI

MAXXI, or the National Museum of 21st Century Art consists of two connected museums - architecture and art. There are also conference rooms, a library, a bookshop, cafes, shopping space and laboratories. There is no single tour route, and the exhibition spaces can be freely modified. MAXXI is therefore an interdisciplinary center of culture, art and architecture, and even design, fashion, film or advertising.

The museum is located in a very modern space designed by Iranian Zaha Hadid, belonging to the group of the most talented contemporary architects. Cement obtained according to an ancient Roman recipe was used to erect the museum building. The block is dominated by horizontal lines, the floors of the building climb together like flyovers on the highway or a strange bridge. The glass roof of the building provides access to natural light.


Attractions inside

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    Via Guido Reni 4/A00196 Rome , Italy