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Church of St. King Louis of France

Local name: San Luigi dei Francesi

The church Louis the King of France is a Catholic temple in Rome dedicated to the patrons of France: St. Dionysius and Saint. Ludwik, king of the Capetian dynasty. The interior impresses with a rich, Baroque interior. Here is the famous triptych by Caravaggio, made in the years 1599-1600: "Appointment of Saint Matthew", "Saint Matthew and Angel" and "Martyrdom of Saint. Matthew ".

You can also admire the figures of Charlemagne, Saint Louis IX, Saint. Clotildes and St. Joan de Valois. The walls are decorated with paintings depicting the lives of the patrons of France - Louis, Dionysius and Chlodwig, as well as St. Cecilia.

The church was built in the years 1518-1589 in the Early Baroque style, according to the designs of Giacomo della Porta. Domenico Fontana was its builder. The French temple stood in the center of Rome thanks to the monks who fled here after the Saracens destroyed the abbey in Farfa in 898.


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