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Local name: Pantheon

The Roman Pantheon is one of the best preserved ancient monuments in Europe. It is worth noting that its unusual architecture, especially covered with domes, is a dome with a diameter of almost 44 meters with a centered nine-meter hole (oculus) through which natural light enters. In the interior of the temple there are chapels and tombs of Italian kings and famous personalities. Among others, Rafaela Santi. Inside the building are the original 20-ton bronze door.

The Pantheon was erected on the Mars Field at the behest of Emperor Hadrian in the years 118-125 of our era. Its name is derived from the Greek word pan and follow, which can be translated as "all the gods" - worshiped almost all known in Rome deities. In the beginning of the 7th, a Christian church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was founded in the Pantheon.


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