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Since ancient times, Tivoli has been one of the favorite vacation spots of wealthy Roman citizens, including emperors. The local villas, surrounded by extensive gardens, are now entered on the UNESCO list.

The city was founded in the 9th century BC as Tybur. Initially, it was primarily a trade and craft center. The situation changed in the 2nd century AD when Emperor Hadrian ordered to build his holiday villa here. It occupied an area about the size of a small city, which has not yet been fully investigated by archaeologists. Today, you can only visit the excavated and secured fragments of the villas, which stand in a vast, somewhat wild garden.

The period of greatest glory and fame of Tivoli came in the fifteenth century, when the city fell under the influence of the papal state. The biggest attraction in Tivoli comes from this period, surrounded by the wonderful Italian gardens of Palazzo Villa d'Este. This extraordinary park is still an inspiration for garden creators from all over the world. In addition to the lush Mediterranean vegetation, there are also fountains, such as the exquisitely decorated and triumphal arch-like Organ Fountain, the Neptune Fountain with a huge cascade, and the Hundred Fountains pouring out of the vegetated wall.

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