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Castel Sant'Angelo

Local name: Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo is one of the most characteristic buildings of Rome. The interior of the fortress is open to the public. Here you can see wonderful papal apartments and an exhibition devoted to military (especially medieval weapons and the Church State). You can also go out to the highest terrace of the castle, from which there is a wide view of the city panorama and the Basilica of St. Peter. A hidden corridor connects him to the Vatican.

The building was originally a monumental tomb of Hadrian and his family. It was erected on the orders of the emperor in the years 123-139 AD. In the Middle Ages it was turned into a fortress, while in the Renaissance, in the lower part of the building there were prisons, and in the upper - luxurious papal apartments and an archive with the treasury of the Church State.

The name of Castel Sant'Angelo was founded in the 6th century . According to legend, Pope Gregory the Great saw the figure of the archangel Michael hovering over the mausoleum of Hadrian. He was to hear requests and free the city from the plague.


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