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Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia

Local name: Chiesa di Santo Spirito in Sassia

The church The spirit in Sassi (Chiesa Santo Spirito in Sassia) in Rome dates from the 12th century. Since 1994, he has been the sanctuary of God's Mercy. The interior of the temple is decorated with antique frescoes, including "Assumption" by Livio Agresty. It belongs to the former Holy Spirit Hospital complex. It represents the Renaissance style.

The historic building complex housed a hospice and a hospital, it was the first charity institution in the city. In one of the buildings - in the Alessandrina Hall from the 16th century, there is today the Museum of the History of Medicine (Museo Storico dell'Arte Sanitaria). The exhibition includes, among others surgical instruments that were used from the 16th to the 19th century.

In the museum you can also see detailed anatomical maps of the eighteenth century, developed by the outstanding Italian doctor and scientist Paolo Mascagni. In the 17th century, the Palazzo del Commendatore was added. Its representative interiors are richly decorated with tapestries, sculptures and frescoes.


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