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Napoleonic Museum

Local name: Museo Napoleonico

The Museo Napoleonico in Rome presents exhibits from the collection of Count Giuseppe Primoli, great-grandson of Józef Bonaparte. You can admire it, including paintings, engravings and sculptures from the Napoleonic period.

The exhibition was divided into three parts. The first concerns the proper Napoleonic period, visitors will see here valuable canvases and busts of members of the imperial family.

The second part presents the period from the fall of Napoleon to the advent of Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (emperor Napoleon III). The next part is the period of the Second Empire.

The museum exhibition was organized according to the plan of the founder - Count Giuseppe Primoli. He wanted all major historical events from the periods presented to be presented from the perspective of the imperial family, through important facts from the private lives of its members.


Attractions inside

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    Piazza di Ponte Umberto I 100186 Rome , Italy