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Bridge of Fabrycjusz

Local name: Ponte Fabricio

Fabricius Bridge is the oldest preserved monument of this type in Rome. The first wooden structure was built as early as 192 BC, and in 62 BC a bridge of tuff and peperine lined with travertine was erected in its place. The structure is 62 meters long and almost 6 meters wide. It is decorated with busts of Janus - a god with four faces, which is why the building is commonly called the Four Heads Bridge (Ponte dei Quattro Capi).

The Fabricius Bridge connects the left bank of the Tiber with the Tiber Island. In the Middle Ages there was a ghetto there, therefore it was also called the Jewish Bridge (Pons Iudaeorum). The island itself was formerly associated with the cult of the god Asklepios - a mythological doctor. To this day, there is the hospital of the Brothers of Brothers, as well as the medieval complex with the tower of the Gaetani family, from which Pope Boniface VIII came.


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