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Marcello Theater

Local name: Teatro Marcello

The Marcellus Theater is today the only preserved ancient theater in Rome. It served as a model for the construction of the Colosseum. Most of it was destroyed at the end of antiquity. Only the two-story fragment of the auditorium wall, integrated into the 16th-century building of the Savelli Palace, has survived to the present day.

The building perfectly illustrates how the ancient Romans adopted the Greek invention: the outer wall rises to three floors. The first is built in Doric order, the second in Ionic, and the third in Corinthian. The object's capacity is estimated at 10 to 14 thousand spectators.

The place for the theater was designated by Julius Caesar, however, his murder in 44 BC resulted in the interruption of work. The construction was completed by Octavian August, who dedicated the theater to his prematurely deceased nephew Marek Klaudiusz Marcellus.


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