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Basilica of Saint Praxedes

Local name: Basilica di Santa Prassede

The church of Santa Prassede is a smaller basilica located on the Roman hill Ekswilin. This is one of the oldest Roman churches. Inside the temple you can admire the Byzantine style mosaic and richly decorated chapel of Saint Zenon. The church has a fragment of a pole at which Jesus Christ was scourged

The current building dates from the fifth century. It was built to deposit the remains of the daughter of Saint Pudens - Saint Prasseda, who died a martyr's death due to burying the bodies of Christians. Earlier, a church had been in this place since the second century.

According to legend, in the central nave of the church there is a well in which Saint Prasseda buried the bodies of over 2,000 Christian martyrs.


Attractions inside

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