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Japanese garden

Local name: Giardino Giapponese

Located inside: Rome Botanical Garden

Parco del Gianicolo is a hill on the right bank of the Tiber river in Rome. The hill measures over 88 meters high. Although it is one of the highest in today's Rome, it is not included in the historic seven hills. It lies west of the Tiber and outside the walls of the ancient city.

Janikulum was the center of the worship of the god Janus, his position with a view of the city made it a good place for augurs to watch the patronage.

On the hill there are also many statues and monuments of outstanding Italians. At its top stands a statue of the Italian revolutionary, Giuseppe Garibaldi, designed by the Italian sculptor Emilio Gallori. The hill is the site of the battle of 1849 between the army of Garibaldi, defending the revolutionary Roman Republic against the French forces who fought to restore the pope's power over Rome. The Janikulum hill offers an amazing view of the right bank of the Tiber.


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