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Villa Gordiani

Local name: Villa Gordiani

Mausoleo dei Gordiani is a historic monumental building, formerly used as a funeral home. It is located in the archaeological park of Villa Gordiani in Rome. In the park you can also see the remains of a patrician villa, once belonging to the Gordiani family, and the remains of a nymphaeum, a fountain that is the end of the aqueduct.

The mausoleum was built of brick on a circular plan with a diameter of 19 meters. It was a two-story building. The upper floor served as a space for celebrating solemn funeral ceremonies. To this day you can admire part of the original dome. Statues were placed in her alcoves. Of the four altars, only two have survived.

The lower floor was intended for burials, there was a long ring-shaped corridor with semicircular niches. The interior was well lit thanks to holes in the walls.


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