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Lake Central Park

Local name: Parco Centrale del Lago

Parco Centrale del Lago is a green area in the EUR (Europe) district of Rome, in the center of which an artificial lake reigns. On the local hill there is PalaLottomatica (Palazzo dello Sport) - a sports and entertainment hall. The area of the park is 160,000 m².

The lake is surrounded by objects that were created in connection with the organization of the Summer Olympic Games in 1960. The area is crossed by the main avenue for pedestrians and cyclists, called "Japan Passaggiata".

Japanese Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, during an official visit to Rome in 1959, gave Italy 2,500 Japanese cherry blossoms, many of which were planted in the Centrale del Lago park. Since then, Hanami (admiring the cherry) is a custom among the inhabitants of Rome. In the period March-April, when the trees bloom beautifully, the Romans organize picnics in their shade, some wear kimonos.


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