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Catacombs of Saint Callistus

Local name: Catacombe di San Callisto

St. Catacombs Callistus belong to the largest and most interesting in Rome. Many martyrs, 16 popes and numerous ordinary Christians were buried there. Underground corridors and crypts are divided into several parts. Tombs of the Popes and Saint Cecylia is the oldest fragment of the catacombs. Others are the crypts of Lucyna, St. Melchiades, Saint. Gaius, Saint. Eusebius and the western part and Liberian. On the walls you can admire early Christian symbols and paintings.

St. Catacombs Callisto arose around the middle of the second century. Their name comes from the name of the deacon, who at the beginning of the 3rd century Pope Zefiryn appointed to manage the catacombs - this place then became the official cemetery of the Church of Rome. In the 5th century, with the development of the cult of saints, the Roman catacombs became the place where masses and prayers were held. They are also sometimes a place of pilgrimage to the graves of martyrs today.


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