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Narni Underground

Local name: Narni Sotterranea

The tour of the city's underground complex begins with a visit to the former church of St. Dominic, dating back to the 12th century and discovered only in 1979. Some of the oldest frescoes in the city have survived there. Along the route, there are numerous archaeological finds protected by a glass floor.

The main point of the visit is a visit to the former seat of the Tribunal of the Holy Inquisition, where trials of people accused of heresy and witchcraft were conducted. You can also see the interior of the cell where prisoners were held. The numerous inscriptions and drawings carved by them on the walls attract attention.

The last element of the tour is the remains of a Roman complex with a cistern. You can also see the only open Roman aqueduct in Italy, stretching for 700 m in length and ending with spiral stairs leading to the cave.


Attractions inside

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    Via San Bernardo 1205035 Narni , Italy