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Narni is a historic city whose name inspired CS Lewis to create the fairy-tale world described in the Chronicles of Narni. Although the city has nothing to do with the appearance of this land, it is very attractive for tourists due to its monuments.

The biggest attraction of Narnia are the underground underground. Their origins date back to Roman times. From this period comes, among others a giant water cistern. However, the Narnia dungeons also have their later, much more amazing story. The seat of the court of the Holy Inquisition and its prison were located underground. Prisoners were held and tortured in cells, and the inscriptions and drawings they scratched on the walls have been preserved to this day.

The city has preserved the historic buildings of the center with the Rocca di Narni castle and numerous churches from different eras. The local Museum of the City in Palazzo Eroli is very important for the culture of Umbria. It houses valuable collections of both secular and sacred art.

The surroundings of Narnia are very picturesque, and numerous hiking trails allow you to organize excursions among the Umbrian forests. An interesting place is Ponte Cardona, where the geographical center of Italy is marked.

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