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Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Local name: Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Perugi Cathedral is a late Gothic structure built in the 14th century with a magnificent baroque interior. It stands untypically, side to the main square, and the main entrance is located in the side wall.

At the portal, there is an external pulpit made of stone. It is a three-nave hall structure divided by octagonal pillars, the interior of which conceals numerous works of art.

There are, among others richly decorated baroque chapels of the Blessed Sacrament and the Ring. In the latter, a wedding ring made of chalcedony is kept, which according to tradition was to belong to the Virgin Mary. There are also a Renaissance tombstone of Bishop Baglioni and a partially preserved 15th century altar.


Attractions inside

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    Piazza IV Novembre 06123 Perugia , Italy