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Lombardy is the richest and most populous regions of Italy. As one of the few there is also no access to the sea. Instead, it has picturesque Alps, blue lakes and wonderful cities full of historic buildings.

The region's most important city is Milan, one of the most famous Italian cities, the capital of fashion and style. Its symbol is the powerful, Gothic cathedral, which is adjacent to the Passage of Victor Emanuel built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Milan is also the world-famous opera La Scala, the Sforza Castle and exclusive designer clothing stores with modern design.

The northern part of Lombardy lies in the Alps. The highest peaks here exceed 4000 m above sea level. In summer, hiking flourishes here, in winter, in turn, there are numerous ski resorts, including Bormio, Livigno and Montecampione.

Alpine lakes are one of the region's biggest attractions. The most popular of them is surrounded by the mountains of Como. On its banks there are holiday resorts. Lake cruises are very popular, during which you can admire the changing landscapes and historic villas on the slopes. There are viewpoints above Como that can be reached by a funicular.

Lombardy is also known for small, historic towns. The city of Bergamo, with its city walls and numerous churches, is very famous. Among the slightly larger ones deserve attention Cremona, Brescia and Pavia.

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