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San Maurizio Church

Local name: Chiesa di San Maurizio

San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore is a Roman Catholic temple. Its entire interior has been covered with frescoes of several of the 16th century's greatest artists, among others Bernardino Luini and his son Aurelia, as well as Giovanni Paolo Lomazz. In the central place of the nun's choir there are extremely valuable stallions from 1554. The door leading to them was decorated by Francesco Medici with tempera paints.

Concerts take place in the church, while the neighboring buildings of the Benedictine monastery have a municipal archaeological museum. For devotees of the Byzantine-Italian rite, every Sunday from October to June services are held in Greek.

Dating back to the time of the Lombards, the religious complex was founded on the remains of ancient Roman buildings. The building was completed in 1518 and divided into two parts - one for the faithful and the other for nuns. In 1794, a ban on crossing the wall between them was introduced.


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