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Guastalla Gardens

Local name: Giardini della Guastalla

The Guastalla Gardens are located in Milan opposite the University on via Francesco Sforza. It is one of the smallest and oldest public parks in the city. The garden covers an area of 12,000 square meters. The garden was created in the 16th century at the request of Countess Paola Ludovic Torella from the Guastall family.

In 1938 The municipality of Milan took over the entire complex and entrusted the renovation project to architect Renzo Gerla and engineer Gaetano Fassi transforming the area into a botanical object. There is a baroque building in the park, consisting of two terraces connected by stairs and a pond. There is a group of polychrome sculptures and a neoclassical temple. In the park you can use the children's playground and a special dog paddock.

At the entrance to the garden there is a baroque fountain. The most interesting specimens of plants in the park include a cigar tree, banana tree, black walnut and a row of ancient beeches.


Attractions inside

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    Via Francesco Sforza 20122 Milan , Italy