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Church of Santa Maria presso San Satiro

Local name: Chiesa Santa Maria presso San Satiro

Santa Maria in San Satiro is a parish church in Milan. It was built at the end of the 15th century in the place of a chapel dedicated to St. Satyrusowi. This inconspicuous and small temple is famous for its false apse, i.e. the end of the building at the eastern liturgical end, where the altar is located. This is one of the oldest examples of trompe l'oeil in art history.

Prince Galeazzo Maria Sforza commissioned the Renaissance building to the renowned artist Donato Bramante. He revealed his undeniable genius by making an apse behind the altar. Thanks to studies on the concept of perspective, he used only 97 cm deep to paint an extraordinary niche.

The oldest part of the complex is the chapel of St. Ansperta. In addition, the church also has a baptistery with a dome, whose author is just Bramante. Chapel of St. Satyrusa was enriched with terracotta representing the dead Christ. The church's equipment also includes the altar from 1764, Ecstasy of St. Filip Neri by Giuseppe Peroni.


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