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Milan Aquarium

Local name: Acquario Civico Milano

The Acquario Civico Aquarium in Milan is located in the Sempione Park. It was opened in 1906. In 2003 it underwent modernization. The seat of the aquarium is an Art Nouveau building decorated with friezes and hand-painted tiles. This is the third oldest aquarium in Milan. In the aquarium you can see the diversity of aquatic life in both salt and fresh water tanks. In well-maintained and clearly marked reservoirs, various ecosystems are shown, e.g. Italian, Mediterranean, Red Sea, and freshwater.

The aquarium also has an educational function. Visitors can learn about the history and cycle of the water and learn about various interesting facts about the aquatic environment. The aquarium presents thematic exhibitions, films and interactive information. In addition, there are conference rooms, educational boards, audio-visual materials, a terrace, garden, restaurant and a specialized library.


Attractions inside

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    Viale Gadio 220121 Milan , Italy